Targeting Gen Z: tips and tricks to get you by

Don’t you find it funny when you are in a room, and you hear someone suggest that press releases in hardcopy newspapers be used as a medium + tool for a brand campaign targeting Gen Z’s? Simply hilarious!
- Tiarhan 

An insight into some of these common errors, has resulted in the key points below;

Don't assume you know what you don't know Don't be afraid to ask the right questions to the right people
  • Wrong channel choice: you have to remove yourself from your own shoes, especially when you are not the target of the communication.
  • Wrong tactics: beyond the channels, each demography think differently and it further expands when you go into their psychography. It is not a one size fits all and you really have to dig deep to find meaningful ways to connect.
  • Consult with people who fit your target profile: you don't always have all the answers, and sometimes it's okay to consult with people who have some form of insight into your target audiences and what makes them tick.

This is just a tip of the iceberg, but these are just a few points to get you thinking. 

When you organize a campaign and you're not getting traction, or attracting the right audience, the above could go a long way to solving this problem. As a communications professional, the first thing you want to do is to know who you are talking to and the best possible ways to reach them. You can read more on this here.

I'm sure you've heard the saying that 'the world is going digital'. Well guess what? We are already there and the Gen Z's are living for it.

Digital is a ‘multiverse’. Yes, I know I used multiverse to describe digital, but it really is quite similar and filled with endless possibilities. With digital comes new ways to engage and connect with people and this challenges brands to keep up and stay relevant, or get the boot.

***We are in the digital age and from a Gen Z point of view, that means choosing our own user experiences. We have the ability to filter what we choose to see and engage with, and classify all other aspects as noise. 

***Digital has birthed a ‘NOW-demon’ which leaves people wanting timely content on the go and in snackable bits that are easy to digest.

That is why as a communications expert, you have to get creative and bring out the big guns in order to get and retain the attention of your audience.

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